When is the best time to sell my business?

Business owners often wait until they have to sell the business because of personal or family circumstances.

It is better for the business owner to sell the business after a period of solid performance without this pressure. This allows the business owner time to prepare the business effectively for sale.

Nevertheless, businesses can be sold successfully under virtually any circumstances.

John Hornblower, Managing Broker of VR Business Brokers in Aspen, Colorado, can guide you through the sale of your business confidentially and professionally.

Selling Business with VR

Are you thinking about buying a business?

Buying an existing business is often cheaper and less risky than starting a new business. Even if you have a unique idea for a new business, it is generally preferable to expand the scope of an existing business instead of starting a new one.

The statistics support this choice. Over half of new businesses fail before the end of their third year. By buying an existing business, the risk of failure is reduced, and the startup costs are built into the price of acquiring the business.

Acquiring an existing business can also be financed more easily. Many banks offer SBA guaranteed loans for acquisition financing and working capital. VR Business Brokers can help facilitate the financing of your business acquisition.

Business Buying with VR

Looking for Businesses in Your Location?

VR Has Sold More Businesses In The World Than Anyone.®

Our advanced business for sale search feature allows you to search by industry type, business size ranges, revenue ranges, earnings ranges, as well as by state or county.

To find the businesses for sale you are interested in, it is best to start with a broad search and then narrow it down. You can pick very specific industries or select the all category (e.g. Manufacturing, All) to search all of the businesses for sale in a particular category.

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State of the Company

VR stands for Valued Representation. It’s what we deliver to every client.

Since 1979, we at VR Business Brokers are proud of our heritage as the world-wide leader in the sales of privately-held businesses.  We help sellers unlock value, and we help buyers acquire their dreams.  We help sellers unlock the value of their years of hard work and customer service, and we help buyers acquire their dream of owning their own business.

John Hornblower

Managing Broker, VR Business Brokers Aspen/Snowmass, CO

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Search for the ideal business acquisition opportunity with our Business for Sale search feature.  You can search by industry, by business size and by region.

You can start with a broad search to cast a wide net and then narrow your search down. Or you can look for a specific type of business in a specific geographic region and expand your search from there.

VR Has Sold More Businesses In The World Than Anyone.®

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