The State of the Middle Market

For more than a century, waves of M&A activity have come and gone.

Factors influencing the M&A landscape include changing economic conditions, evolving financing options, varying company valuations, and sector-specific strategic opportunities and challenges.

Today there is more capital devoted to acquiring mid-market businesses than ever before. Owners of privately held businesses with planned exit strategies are going to be the primary beneficiaries of this healthy M&A activity.

Mid-market companies offer opportunities for potential acquirers to achieve new synergies with existing and prospective acquisitions.

VR specializes in the lower middle market, where deal flow has steadily increased. This increase in deal flow has benefitted from the easy flow of credit to smaller companies which typically use less leverage.

Deal-making in the lower middle market is fairly evenly distributed across industries and therefore VR’s range in expertise is wide spread to serve our clients.

How will a company’s recent performance affect its prospective sales price?  Are current owners management ready for a transition?

With a heritage unchallenged in the privately held middle market, and on behalf of our team around the world, we look forward to working together on your next “big deal”.

Yours Truly,

Peter C. King, CEO
JoAnn Lombardi, President

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History has proven that mid-market activity has been the precursor to larger market optimism.

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