Using a Professional

Why Do Buyers Use VR?

If you are motivated by personal accomplishment, stimulated by challenge and want the freedom to control your own destiny, then business ownership may be right for you.

At VR Business Brokers we realize that finding and buying a business that matches your needs isn’t always easy.  The decision as to which business to buy may prove to be one of your life’s most important decisions.

By working with VR Business Brokers Aspen, CO, you have the advantage of dealing with John Hornblower and his team, who are professional business intermediaries who combines their knowledge and experience with the cumulative knowledge and experience of the VR organization.

Our goal is for each business sale to stand the test of time.  We aim to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the buyer, the seller, the employees and the client base.

Understanding our role as an “Educator” and “Expert”, every VR broker is patient and poised to answer questions like…

  • HOW do I buy a business?
  • HOW do I get started?
  • HOW do I find a business that matches my needs and expectations?
  • HOW do I get financial information from the seller?
  • WHAT is a business really worth?
  • WHO can I discuss my expected return on my investment?
  • WHO will write the Purchase and Sale Agreement?
  • WHEN should I get an attorney or accountant involved?
  • HOW can I be sure this is the right business given my needs?
  • HOW do I find “Valued Representation”?

Is this a right time to hire a professional?

By working with VR, you have the ultimate advantage of working with professionals that care.

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