Preliminary Sell Side Engagements

We at VR Business Brokers in Aspen, Colorado are currently engaged in helping business owners transition out of ownership and management over a wide geographic area.

Our primary region extends from Denver to Grand Junction along the I-70 corridor and up and down the Roaring Fork Valley from Aspen to Glenwood Springs.

We also have out-of-state engagements, the most exciting of which is a gold mining company in Alaska with 900 acres of mineral rights on federal land in the northern Alaskan wilderness.

We have numerous preliminary engagements with business owners who are thinking about selling but for one reason or another are not quite ready to engage VR to find the right buyer and negotiate the sale of their business.

We also have formal engagements with business owners who are so concerned about preserving the absolute confidentiality of their interest in selling their business that we cannot actively market the business for sale. We limit our interaction with potential buyers of these ultra-confidential engagements to highly qualified buyers who have inquired about other listings that we are permitted to advertise more openly.

Two successful transaction of ours, Myers and Company Architectural Metals and the Balentine Collection International, both Aspen based businesses, were sold this way.

We encourage you to share your interest with us in selling your business before you become a motivated seller.  In our experience, the ideal time to start planning the sale of a privately held business is two to three years before you start the formal process of marketing and selling your business.

Are you ready to learn more?

Valued Representation by your VR Intermediary will include exploring these and other types of favorable financing options available to you as a qualified buyer.

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