VR Business Brokers Opens New Aspen, Colorado Office

VR Business, the leading advisory firm for the purchase and sale of privately held businesses in the world, announced today the opening of a new office in Aspen, Colorado.

“A new Aspen Colorado Office lets us capitalize on the affluent business demographic that either live or vacation in the area and is looking to add to their portfolio,” stated Peter C. King, VR Business Brokers CEO.

“We recognize the potential that the Aspen market presents and we anticipate tremendous growth for VR in the region,” added VR President, JoAnn Lombardi.

John Hornblower, President, of VR Business Brokers in Aspen brings a lifetime of banking, investment and financial background to VR; adding real value to the new VR office. John grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut in a family with a long history in investment banking. His great-grandfather founded Hornblower & Weeks in 1888, a firm which grew to be the 7th largest investment bank in the world. John was the 11th member of his family to attend Harvard, where he studied economics and graduated, Cum Laude, in 1984. John started his finance career on Wall Street at Salomon Brothers as an equity derivatives specialist. He then moved on to Citicorp, where he headed the equity derivatives marketing department, and then to Cantor Fitzgerald, where he traded convertible bonds with institutional investors. Four years ago he founded his own firm, Hornblower Trading LLC, which allowed him to trade convertible bonds with institutional investors independently, and which also allowed him the flexibility to move to Aspen, Colorado.

About VR Business Brokers

Founded in 1979, VR is the innovative leader in privately held business valuations, sales, mergers, and acquisitions. Celebrating over 35 years as the world’s only network of full time professional business intermediaries, VR comprehensively addresses the needs of privately held businesses. With offices around the world, VR is currently entering a growth cycle with the goal of expanding its domestic and foreign footprint. VR Global Headquarters is located at 2601 East Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 300, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306. For more information, please call 800-377-8722 or visit www.vrbb.com. For information on opening your own VR Business Broker Office, visit www.vrfranchiseopportunity.com.