VR Business Brokers Goes to Contract on Profitable Brew Pub in Just 45 Days

VR Business Brokers’ Aspen office has put a profitable neighborhood brew pub under contract for sale in just 45 days. “We signed our engagement agreement with the owner of the brew pub just six weeks ago and in this time we found the right buyer who made us a full-price offer just last week. We went to contract in just a few days and are scheduled for an April 4th closing,” said John Hornblower, CFA, the owner of the VR Aspen office.

“What’s better, is that we have found over 10 buyers of brew pubs in Colorado, which puts us in the position to contact other brew pub owners and see if they might be interested in having a confidential consultation about selling their business. If you may have an interest in buying or selling a business in Colorado, please don’t hesitate to contact us,” John added.